Design Bureaux is a full-service multidisciplinary design studio focused on creating hospitality, retail, residential and work place projects of the highest quality.  Drawing on our extensive and diverse experience in the design and construction arts we tailor our work to perfectly fit our client’s needs. We combine an inventive design approach with technological expertise to produce projects that are both highly creative and functional.


We begin every project with intensive exploration of the personality, culture, history, needs, dreams and desires of our clients, their guests, customers, employees and audiences.  We listen, question and learn as we progressively distill this research into a detailed functional program and concept narrative upon which all further work is based.  We take inspiration from a diverse range of sources as we explore design concepts celebrating the unique character of each project.


Achieving the perfect plan is fundamental to the success of every project. From the siting of buildings to the positioning of interior spaces we exhaustively explore options and variations to find the most creative and functional solutions.  Planning is studied in concert with the exploration of spatial and formal design as well as infrastructure requirements to achieve fully integrated plan and three-dimensional designs.  We create distinct spatial environments and formal gestures with a clear sense of place and character.


How someone interacts with a place and the experiences they have are a fundamental part of the concept.  We design unique experiences and environments that engag e imagination, memory and interaction for those who visit, dwell, and recreate in our projects.  Whether an awe-inspiring dramatic space, a carefully framed inspirational view, or a unique seating configuration stimulating social interaction, we seek opportunities to orchestrate new and memorable experiences for occupants and guests.


Every element of design and detail is seen as an opportunity for ingenuity and reinforcement of the project concept.  Be it a sculptural formal gesture, the layering of unique contrasting materials, or the contemporary interpretation of a historic element, creative details are layered throughout our projects adding richness, depth and interest to the experience.  Space, form and detail work in unison with everything from the grandest gesture to the smallest element relating to the project concept.


We curate unique artwork and decorative schemes to compliment and reinforce the project’s personality and character.  In concert with our concept design work we establish innovative branding concepts and eye-catching commercial graphic programs that inform the entire project direction.  Custom designed objects and specialty finishes enliven the identity while adding layers of visual interest.  From bold visual statements to subtly relaxing decorative schemes we carefully calibrate these final touches to finish the design.


Durability, efficiency, infrastructure, constructability, budget, client and design team coordination are all key practical issues fastidiously integrated into the project process as it is developed from concept through construction to completion.  State of the art and traditional technologies, audio visual entertainment, lighting, security, display and point of sale systems are integrated as a featured part of the design or discretely concealed into the background. Environmental responsibility is achieved by implementing green features, specifying local, renewable and sustainable materials, and pursuing energy efficient environmental and lighting systems. Thorough drawings and involvement throughout the construction and fabrication processes assure the design vision is brought to realization.