Thomas Schlesser is a designer with over twenty years of combined experience in Architectural, Interior and Product Design. He has been responsible for the design of an extremely diverse range of projects that have provided him with breadth and depth of experience in hospitality, retail, office, and residential projects. Gaining a culturally diverse perspective from having studied, resided and practiced in urban settings ranging across the globe he blends his experience and interests to create fresh yet timeless results. His approach is founded upon the intent to create projects that are culturally relevant, environmentally and economically responsible, informed by function and context, and that realize the highest level of craft and design excellence. Rigorous program and design research, close client collaboration and intensive study of the projected audience needs are considered key to achieving beautiful, poetic, and humane projects that are appropriately suited to those who will ultimately live, work and recreate in the realized environments.

Mr. Schlesser has been active with his own studio which he opened in 1992 while simultaneously working as senior designer at other larger offices including the Architectural firms of KPF in New York, LDS in Chicago and Din Associates in London. He also held the position of Design Director at Niedermaier Inc. where he designed a wide range of furniture and other products for business, domestic and retail use. Before changing his career direction from engineering to design he worked as a structural engineer with Cook Consultants in Dallas.